Sunday, March 27, 2016


What the hell am I up to?

Well, let's see...
A few weeks ago I traveled back home and filed for divorce and got my stuff that was being stored in my Other's grandmother's basement. It was chaotic. Frustrating. Emotional. Exhausting.

I had to spend some time with him. And he was being overly nice and friendly and helpful. Kind of. Except if it required him to actually do anything. Then, not so much. Nothing new.

It ended up getting drawn out an extra day, and then the court clerk contacted me two days after I returned saying I needed to file one more thing, but I was able to do it utilizing a notary and mail it in. (Whew!)

Okay, so why didn't I update sooner?

Simple answer: Drama. With a capital D.

More complex: My dog is dying. And slowly. It's painful and time-consuming and awful and heart-breaking. She is fading slowly, but not in any real pain. So I am just loving her and cleaning up after her and trying to enjoy every moment of her unconditional love for as long as it's here.

Also, my Other is creating chaos and trying to draw me in. I am tip-toeing on the high wire trying to stay out of it, semi-detached, but be nice at the same time. (Ugh!)

Also tons of therapy and trying to set up a support network for myself, and filing tons of paperwork for assistance things and half-heartedly looking for work that I might be able to do, am qualified for, and will hire me. (Ha!)

Throw in allergy junk, a med change and avoiding the LDS missionaries... and yeah. That pretty much covers it.

 I plan to start writing more often and regularly soon. Since no one really follows this blog I don't feel much pressure to keep it regular. I did list it in searches now, so that may change... 

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