Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Alive and Kicking

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Where have you been?

I have been dealing with quite a few things. 
I got divorced.
I got active with NAMI.
I got trained as a NAMI Connections Support Group Leader.
I attended my state's Annual NAMI Conference.

And I was contemplating the direction I want this Blog to go.

I was thinking that I not only want to chronicle my life (As an artist and someone with Mental Health Issues), but also share information and support for others. Not just rant and journal vaguely as I did at the beginning of creating this place. And maybe share my art as well. We shall see.

And then all heck broke loose.

I found out my son and his girlfriend are having identical twin boys.
An old friend lost his battle with Depression and took his own life.
I had to enact my safety plan and realized it is out of date and it failed me.
I had to create a new one on the fly while in crisis.
And about 4 more Life Stress things.

So, really, I have been recovering from an overload.

It happens. Mental Illness is forever. It doesn't go away. It's just a fact that sometimes you do what you are supposed to do, and you can still end up in crisis.

The tools and coping skills you use today and stay fairly stable, can stop working. Or what is helpful today could be harmful tomorrow. Such is life.

Anyway, I am back.

And I have signed up for NaBloPoMo, through Blogher.com. I am going to attempt to post every day all through November. Hopefully it will become a habit, though after I may slow it down to a couple times a week.

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